2021-2022 prefects announced

Trinity College School announced its 2021-2022 prefects on Friday, April 30th, as part of a day of virtual celebrations in advance of the School’s 156th birthday on May 1st.

Prefects are appointed by the headmaster following a vote by Senior School students and faculty, along with input from key members of the educational staff. The prefects, all of whom will start Grade 12 in the fall, serve in an important leadership capacity, meeting with the headmaster regularly, organizing spirit-raising events, serving as role models and setting a positive tone for the student body.

Next year’s co-head prefects are Bolu Abiola and Gordon Bennett. Our prefects are Natasha Deichmann, Abby Hicks, Karina Lee, Madison Narciso, Brennon O’Grady, Tharun Shaji, Nadia Simmonds, Simon Spoor and Wyatt Woloshyn. We wish them all the best in their new roles!

The School will be announcing other leadership positions in the coming weeks, including our incoming heads and assistant heads of house, as well as peer mentors.

We would also like to take this opportunity to thank our 2020-2021 prefects, who have been a force for positivity and kindness during a challenging year. We are very proud of their efforts to lift up the spirits of the entire student body and enhance our sense of community each and every week. They are: Addy Malpas (head prefect), Graham Hall (head prefect), Nolan Finn, Alexa Goldberg, Charisse Lee, Luca Mascarin, Fiona Miller, Alex Northey, Josh Paddock and Allie Riihiluoma.