Grade 8 Hearts and Minds projects encourage personal growth

Our Grade 8 students have been spending the past few months working hard on their Hearts and Minds projects. Designed as a culminating project, with a focus on the TCS habits of the heart and mind, this project combines inquiry, community and service. Students work collaboratively in groups to support a community of their choice, based on a personal interest. 

This, the second year of the project, has been particularly challenging as the students have had to adjust, re-think and re-plan in response to the ever changing impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on their personal, social and school lives. There is no "class" for this project, with much of the work done outside of school hours. Students develop important communication, time-management and organization skills along the way. They really needed to channel those TCS habits of the heart and mind, not only to care for themselves, but to discover ways to support others in a year like no other!

This is a project that encourages independence and personal growth. Each project is unique in its focus, plan and presentation. As much as the work is now complete, it is hoped that the students use their learning to continue to find ways to be a positive force in their communities.  

The TCS habits of the heart and mind shine through each and every project, not just in the final presentation but in the journey each student took over the six months of this project. A huge thank you to all the mentors, who guided, motivated and inspired their students to recognize and value these habits in themselves and in the people around them.

The project website contains all of the projects and includes videos and photos of the students sharing their work. To help ensure the privacy of our students, this website is not open to the general public, and can only be accessed by those within the TCS community, meaning those with TCS email addresses. Please encourage your child to visit the site with you and explore the projects together. Under ideal circumstances the projects would be shared in person. By viewing them with your child, that shared experience is encouraged.

A video on the homepage of the project website allows you to hear about the project from some of the students. Please be sure to not only view the projects but also read the student reflections, along with their thoughtful words of advice for next year’s Grade 8 class.  

Enjoy this site, and don’t forget to leave a note for the Grade 8 students in the feedback form. 

Hearts and Minds Project Website 2020-2021

Thank you!

- By Ms. Sarah Torrible, teacher librarian