TCS students produce outstanding 2021 Advanced Placement results

AP Biology Class

At Trinity College School, the Advanced Placement (AP) program offers an opportunity for enrichment, through a broad range of courses, to students who are motivated in a given subject area and who possess the learning skills to support advanced-level courses. This past year, with the continued management of the COVID-19 pandemic, the College Board offered a wide-range of examination offerings, including in-person, traditional pencil-and-paper and digital format exams, spanning three different testing windows.

Throughout May and June 2021, 111 TCS Senior School students joined millions of students worldwide to write the College Board AP examinations. As always, AP exams continue to test students’ ability to perform in university level courses. They are scored on a scale from 1 to 5, with a grade of 3 indicating that the student is “qualified” and 5 indicating that the student is “extremely well qualified” at the university level in a given subject. Although a smaller number of students sat the AP exams this year, the results were outstanding, resulting in 40 AP Scholar designations, with an average score of 3.96. TCS students wrote a total of 196 examinations, producing excellent results, with 23% of our students earning the top grade of 5 and 89% of our AP candidates earning a grade of 3 or better.

AP Capstone Results
2021 also saw the seventh cohort of students complete the two-year AP Capstone Diploma™ program. This year, four students earned diplomas, having achieved a score of 3 or higher in AP Seminar, AP Research and four additional AP exams of their choosing. Congratulations to Ayo Eyesan, Zoe Fingas, Kyle Munns and Alexandria Northey. The AP Seminar and Research Certificate™ was awarded to Jasleen Billing, Ty Gadbois, Émile Hameury, Jiaying (Carly) Lin, Vanessa Lolomari, Evelyn Maguire, Fiona Miller and Allie Riihiluoma, who each earned a score of 3 or higher in both the AP Seminar and AP Research courses.

AP Awards and Recognition
TCS is equally proud of the incredible efforts of our AP Scholar level award winners. This year, 18 students each earned a grade of at least a 3 on three different AP exams and were awarded the distinction of AP Scholar. Congratulations to Bolu Abiola, Isolde Ardies, Morad Aref, Samuel Bliemel, Valentina Conrad, Ty Gadbois, Émile Hameury, Frances Harvey, Jonathan Ho, Silas Hodges, Ambrose Ling, Evelyn Maguire, Madison Narciso, Natasha Pinto, Allie Riihiluoma, Frederique Savard, Rizwan Tahir and Kaylie Tsang.

Sahil Amin, Kai Blackstock, Antoine Chevalier, Jan Heckel, Aidan Hew, Vanessa Lolomari, Fiona Miller, Aishwarya Rajesh Krishnan and Eric Wang earned an average score of 3.25 on all AP exams taken, with scores of 3 or higher on four or more of these exams, achieving the status of AP Scholar with Honor.

Twelve students received an average score of 3.5 on all AP exams taken, with scores of 3 or higher in five or more of these exams, and were awarded AP Scholar with Distinction. Congratulations to Jia Yi (Jasmine) Chen, Riley Christensen, Ayo Eyesan, Zoe Fingas, Ziyue (Loretta) Hu, Jiaying (Carly) Lin, Xuefei (Grace) Lu, Kyle Munns, Alexandria Northey, Alysia Wilson, Yixin Xiang and Michael Yip.

Our AP students and faculty are congratulated for their dedication and hard work towards the AP program, as the academic challenges of these examinations extend well beyond the requirements of the Ontario curriculum.

A complete list of our AP Scholars is shown below. As in the past, their names will appear on the AP recognition board in the main hallway on the ground floor of the Fessenden Wing.

  • Abiola, Bolu
  • Amin, Sahil *
  • Ardies, Isolde
  • Aref, Morad
  • Billing, Jasleen (SRC)
  • Blackstock, Kai *
  • Bliemel, Samuel
  • Chen, Jia Yi **
  • Chevalier, Antoine *
  • Christensen, Riley **
  • Conrad, Valentina
  • Eyesan, Ayo ** (CD)
  • Fingas, Zoe ** (CD)
  • Gadbois, Ty (SRC)
  • Hameury, Émile (SRC)
  • Harvey, Frances
  • Heckel, Jan *
  • Hew, Aidan *
  • Ho, Jonathan
  • Hodges, Silas
  • Hu, Ziyue **
  • Lin, Jiaying ** (SRC)
  • Ling, Ambrose
  • Lolomari, Vanessa * (SRC)
  • Lu, Xuefei **
  • Maguire, Evelyn (SRC)
  • Miller, Fiona * (SRC)
  • Munns, Kyle ** (CD)
  • Narciso, Madison
  • Northey, Alexandria ** (CD)
  • Pinto, Natasha
  • Rajesh Krishnan, Aishwarya *
  • Riihiluoma, Allie (SRC)
  • Savard, Frederique
  • Tahir, Rizwan
  • Tsang, Kaylie
  • Wang, Eric *
  • Wilson, Alysia **
  • Xiang, Yixin **
  • Yip, Michael **

* AP Scholar with Honour
** AP Scholar with Distinction
(CD) AP Capstone Diploma
(SRC) AP Seminar and Research Certificate

- By Suzy Hall, director of academic administration