Opening Week filled with gratitude and joy

With Opening Week events now wrapped up at Trinity College School, the community reflects on a week filled with gratitude and joy for the chance to return to campus and connect with new and old friends.

Following three days of staggered arrivals for our Senior School students, on Friday, September 10th students had the chance to take part in orientation activities. This included learning about the School's co-curricular programs in arts, athletics and service learning for the fall term, as well as advisor group meetings and house meetings. After lunch, the houses gathered outdoors to get themselves fired up for field day – a series of 10 fun events that each house cohort rotated through over the course of the afternoon. It was a day of smiles and laughter across campus!

But the fun wasn’t over yet. On Saturday, after morning co-curriculars, the Senior School houses once again gathered outside for the annual House Volleyball tournament. Again, a great time was had by all, and special thanks go to all of the staff members who worked to make Friday and Saturday’s events a safe and enjoyable experience.

Our Junior School students spent Friday morning having their official school photos taken, and are already well underway in their classes and activities in Boulden House.

This year, TCS welcomes 590 students, including 285 Senior School boarders, 213 Senior School day students and 92 in the Junior School.

We could not be more pleased to have students back on campus, as Headmaster Stuart Grainger reflected: “TCS presents students – new and returning – with the opportunity to be engaged in a community of peers from around the world and caring adults who love working with young people. Students are able to take advantage of an incredible campus and facilities, curriculars and co-curriculars…we are truly the fortunate. And we demonstrate our gratitude for that good fortune by working honestly and faithfully to be better people, to be kind and thoughtful towards others.”

The headmaster encouraged all students to take advantage of the greater degree of normalcy presented by the lessening of COVID-19 restrictions by involving themselves in activities and getting to know their fellow TCS schoolmates, especially our new students. The enthusiasm and sense of community that was on display throughout Opening Week bodes well for the year ahead. “I loved the energy, the vibe of this week!” said Mr. Grainger. “It was wonderful to witness our students back in uniform, to see full smiles on everyone’s faces as we enjoyed the opportunity to be maskless outdoors. What a difference six months can make!”

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