Take Me Outside Week a success

Last week, Trinity College School participated with schools from across North America in “Take Me Outside Week.” EcoSchools Canada (with whom we are certifying for the 11th year – 5th year at the Platinum level) encourages all teachers to incorporate in their lessons learning in, about, for and from the environment. Doing so also fosters social-emotional learning (SEL), can be a means of bettering equity, diversity and inclusion learning and helps all of us deepen our connection with the natural world. Outdoor learning also makes real so many of the reasons why we are striving for a healthy planet with healthy people.

At least 24 teachers took their classes and/or co-curricular outside. Some teachers held meetings outdoors and one brave soul even held some of their Parent-Teacher Meetings outside. Some of the interesting lessons and activities that occurred during the week were:

  • Hiking culture lessons on Roman towns
  • Career studies journalling activity
  • Animal adaptations games
  • Water Walk to the Ganaraska River
  • Sunshine & de-stress walks
  • Traditional outdoor education
  • Music lessons on breathing fundamentals
  • Photo activity with iPads
  • Plant identification walk
  • SEL lessons
  • Dictation challenge involving running, cheering and reciting
  • Author visit
  • And lots of sports coaching and other Activity For Life activities!

- By Ms. Alison Elliott, TCS environmental coordinator