Students collaborate to celebrate our international community

The Cultural Awareness Group (CAG) and Caribbean Council at Trinity College School brought our community together to share our diverse backgrounds and traditions through International Week, displaying creativity and collaboration in organizing a celebration of the many nations represented at the School.

In the days leading up to the week of January 25th to 28th, CAG put the call out to students and staff to share photos and information about countries they have a connection with, such as where they were born, where they have lived or visited, or where their ancestors came from. A slideshow was created by the student groups that was distributed to the community. Among the nations featured were St. Maarten/Saint-Martin, China, U.K., U.S.A., South Korea, Germany, Cayman Islands, India, Finland, Scotland, Austria, Jamaica, Spain and Canada.

Click here to view the slideshow.

As well, CAG member Cindy Shui compiled a video with submissions from students speaking about their countries, including the Caribbean (Saint-Martin, Jamaica, Cayman Islands), Germany, India and Cameroon. Mr. Randy Mills was also featured, recounting family memories related to Belgium and Canada.

Click here to view the video.

With Senior School students returning to in-person learning, there was a chance to have special theme days over the course of the week. Grade 9 and 10 students dressed in cultural clothing or the colours of their country’s flag on Tuesday, January 25th, while Grade 11 and 12 students had their turn on Thursday, January 27th. And the culinary services team created not one but two special lunch menus: Caribbean food (Jamaican patties, Johnny cakes and rice & beans) on Tuesday, and Mexican food (enchiladas, fajitas and nachos) on Thursday.

Thank you to the students of CAG and Caribbean Council for their efforts to educate and celebrate our diverse school community!