Incoming house leaders for 2022-2023 announced

Building on the excitement of the announcement of prefects, Trinity College School was proud to announce its 2022-2023 house leaders on Thursday, May 12th. The announcement included the incoming student heads and assistant heads, as well as peer mentors, for each of the 10 Senior School houses.

Student heads and assistant heads of house lead and assist with many day-to-day student-directed activities, as well as serving as role models and supports for their housemates. Under the direction of the guidance office and chaplain, peer mentors serve as a front-line resource within each house, actively listening to their peers’ concerns and directing them to other resources in the School when needed.

The 2022-2023 house leaders are:

Bethune House

  • Head of House: Carson Greatrex
  • Assistant Head of House: Marc-Olivier Robert
  • Peer Mentors: Jephthah Arukhe, Tae-Kyeong Kim & Emerson Mendum

Bickle House

  • Head of House: Doug Gibson
  • Assistant Head of House: Julian Dack
  • Peer Mentors: Edward Feng, Will McLean & Abdur-Rehman Mohsin

Brent House

  • Head of House: Charlie Winner
  • Assistant Head of House: Liam Gibson
  • Peer Mentors: Michael Moreau & Allen Tang

Burns House

  • Head of House: Mimi Grieve
  • Assistant Head of House: Malinka Kwemo
  • Peer Mentors: Izzy Torzsas & Calissa Ylagan

Hodgetts House

  • Head of House: Matthew Fisk
  • Assistant Heads of House: Jeremiah Lefebvre & Jack Sprayson
  • Peer Mentors: Oliver Cowan, Nolan McReelis & Andrew Richards

Ketchum House

  • Head of House: Maggie McLean
  • Assistant Heads of House: Jessica Bridges & Emily Brown
  • Peer Mentors: Niah Kirton & Madison Miller

Orchard House

  • Head of House: Danny Liu
  • Assistant Heads of House: John Beckford & Jake Pritchard
  • Peer Mentors: John Beckford. Junhyeong Hong & Wolfgang van Gulik

Rigby House

  • Head of House: Mika Romao Vandepol
  • Assistant Heads of House: Alexa Braganza & Miah Schmidlin
  • Peer Mentors: Grace Frost, Danie Green & Alexis Stewart

Scott House

  • Head of House: Jade Barnard
  • Assistant Head of House: Dagna Jezioro
  • Peer Mentors: Anna Dobrinski, Claire Ross & Sara Yang

Wright House

  • Head of House: Sophia Masur
  • Assistant Head of House: Sage Henderson
  • Peer Mentors: Hannah Bailey, Val Northey & Yaren Yurdakul

We would also like to take this opportunity to thank our outgoing house leaders who have done so much throughout the year to build and maintain school spirit!