Honouring Pride Month at TCS

June marks Pride Month, an opportunity to recommit ourselves to promoting a culture of inclusion and belonging for members of the 2SLGBTQ community the world over. At Trinity College School, the Gender & Sexuality Alliance (GSA) works throughout the year to educate our school community and this month was no exception.

On behalf of the GSA, Grade 9 student Basim created social media posts to explain the importance of Pride Month. For example, statistics show that 2SLGBTQ people continue to experience discrimination, hate and violence within society. In fact, in recent years these types of hate-based actions are increasing in some cases.

As the Pride flag flies proudly over the TCS campus this month, as it does throughout the year, it serves as a reminder that we must all play a role in building a community where everyone feels respected, valued and welcome. And, as Basim notes, “Pride Month is only the start to equality.”