Junior School students participate in Mayoral Forum

My name is Wyatt Sharpe, I’m a Grade 8 Student, and outside of school, I have my own show called: The Wyatt Sharpe Show. I’ve previously been able to speak with: Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, Premier Doug Ford, Finland’s Prime Minister, ex-White House officials and many more. I recently decided to share that passion with all Junior School students with a Mayoral Forum that I organized.

The students at the Junior School had the ability to hear from all of the candidates running for mayor of Port Hope including Laurie Carr, Olena Hankivsky, Jeff Lees and Angela Grogan. It was an opportunity for students to hear about the policies of the various candidates and what they would do for youth in the community. 

The students had the opportunity to ask questions of the candidates who were running for mayor on an assortment of matters such as the rising cost of living, Indigenous reconciliation, climate change and a quantity of other issues relative to students. It allowed students to raise issues of importance to them to some of the most vocal and impactful people in our community.