Burns and Brent standouts at Round 2 of House Debates

Reflecting the long-running tradition of debating at Trinity College School, TCS’s Senior School students took part in Round 2 of House Debates on Tuesday, January 24th.

The Junior debaters learned the resolution – “this house would eliminate all formal exams in Ontario high schools” – approximately a week in advance of the debates, providing ample research and preparation time. Taking the top spot in the Junior category was Dexton Grant of Brent House with Jaz Wilkinson of Ketchum in second place and Hibah Tahir of Rigby in third. Representing Wright House, Ruby Campbell placed fourth with Nic Shi (Orchard House) landing in fifth place.

Dexton Grant paired with Brent housemate Zach Dumoulin to earn the title of top Junior team while Ketchum House earned the runner-up spot thanks to debaters Jaz Wilkinson and partner Nalajoss Ellsworth. They were followed by a tie for third place between Roger Zhang and Nic Shi (Orchard) and Ruby Campbell and Kennedy Adams (Wright).

The Senior debaters did not have the advantage of knowing the resolution in advance, instead they participated in an impromptu debate format, receiving the resolution on the day of the debate. With the resolution of “social media is making us less social,” the Seniors tackled this timely topic with keen insights. The top Senior debater of the day was Olivia Conacher of Burns House. Followed by Brent House’s Phillip Whan Tong in second place and Scott House’s Nina Gardes in third. Rounding out the top five Senior debaters were Izzy Torzsas (Burns) in fourth place and Wesley Hoo (Brent) in fifth place.

The top Senior team of the day was the duo of Olivia Conacher and Izzy Torzsas, representing Burns House. Brent House’s Phillip Whan Tong and Wesley Hoo delivered a second place finish with Nina Gardes and Lilly Taylor of Scott House landing in third. 

The top two houses of Round 2 House Debates were Burns House and Brent House. Looking ahead to semi-finals are Ketchum, Orchard, Rigby and Wright in the Junior category and Bethune, Brent, Scott and Wright in the Senior category. House Debate semi-finals will take place on Monday, February 27th.