Dancers showcase talents at annual show and local competition

The Trinity College School Dance Team performed their showcase on March 2nd and March 3rd in the Dick & Jane LeVan Theatre, the culmination of months of hard work and dedication.

The show was packed with energy, talent and athleticism, displaying many different styles of dance including jazz, contemporary, lyrical, K-pop, acrobatics and theatre jazz. The TCS Dance Team, led by Ms. Katie Traugott and Ms. Maria Velasquez-Labrecque, included Jayne Acharya, Ebun Aziegbemhin, Kishi Brodie-Mends, Ruby Campbell, Alex Fletcher, Catherine Hu, Yaoyao Hu, Judy Huang, Jada Johnson, Veronika Kawnik, Hannah Obomighie, Olivia Petrolito, Summer Shea, Hannah van Gennip and Ayla Wilson. 

The full team performed three pieces choreographed by Ms. Traugott: a high energy jazz piece to Let’s Have a Kiki, a moving contemporary piece to If The World Was Ending, and a fun theatre jazz routine to Gimme Gimme Gimme. In addition, some of the team members also performed a technical jazz piece to On The Floor. Many routines in the show were student-choreographed in different styles, showcasing the students’ creativity and innovation. Summer Shea and the team’s dance captain, Hannah van Gennip, also performed stunning solos that left the audience in awe. 

The show also featured the Activity for Life dance group. They performed a jazz routine to Break My Soul. For many of them, it was their first time performing on stage. They came out with confidence and were so successful. The AFL dance group included Henricia Beauchesne, Rowan Christ, Charlotte Conacher, Mimi Grieve, Savannah Lang, Sadie McCosh, Addy Newton, Stella Schmidlin, Claire Thiebaud, Giselle Valadao and Ayla Wilson. The showcase concluded with a finale and many final bows featuring both the TCS Dance Team and AFL dance group.

On Tuesday, March 7th, both dance groups traveled to Lakeshore Dance Festival to participate in a day of workshops and a showcase with other high schools. Dancers took workshop classes in styles such as hip hop, ballet, breakdance and jazz. In the afternoon, dancers performed eight of this year’s routines, leaving with some amazing results and even better memories. The judges awarded our dancers honours for the strength of our team, self-expression, outstanding technique and more. 

Hannah van Gennip is to be thanked for her commitment and passion as this year’s TCS Dance Team captain. Aside from Hannah’s undeniable talent, she led the team with grace and energy and served as an exemplary role model for her fellow teammates. 

Congratulations to all the dancers on an amazing season!

- By Katie Traugott, dance team leader