Considering the Boarding Experience for your child?

Okay, so a lot of the other boarding information offered on our website contains content aimed at your kids. (Let's face it: kids like to hear most about all the cool, fun stuff relating to boarding schools.) You? As a loving, concerned and responsible (slightly skeptical?) parent, you want to know about other important academics, leadership opportunities and general health and safety issues related to placing your child in a boarding school.

We hope this page provides some of the information that you are looking for but note that this is just the starting point; you are encouraged to explore other pages on this site to understand the boarding experience that TCS offers.

If you have specific questions, go ahead and ask them! We are a Canadian independent boarding school with an outstanding reputation and more than 150 years of experience in educating young people. We are confident that we have the knowledge, insight and answers that you are looking for: email or call 905-885-3209.

Video: The Truth About Boarding School

Research proves that college-prep boarding schools teach traditional values that help students achieve success in the classroom, and later in life.

The Association of Boarding Schools (TABS) provides information about living and learning in a boarding school. Explore the advantages of a boarding school education by clicking here.


Benefits of the Boarding Experience at TCS

Our Community

Diverse and balanced student body

A community by design, at TCS the School's population is closely considered. We seek healthy balances between our Junior and Senior Schools, day and boarding student populations and domestic and international students because we believe a diverse student body is what makes the TCS community so unique. In addition to our Canadian students, each year TCS welcomes students from over 30 countries, from as far away as Antigua, Brazil, Germany and Zimbabwe and as close as Mexico and the United States. This provides all of our students with an enriching experience to learn about other countries from classmates and housemates.

Caring community

Our boarding program allows more than 250 students to live together on campus. When your school is also your home, housemates become a second family. Many faculty and staff members are close by and only a short drive from the School, while some staff actually live on campus. As such, our faculty get to know students in and out of the classroom as they fill many roles as teachers, coaches and advisors as well as overseeing study and directing co-curricular arts, clubs and groups. It is through this close-knit environment that shared values and a culture of respect are born and naturally extend to all members of the TCS community.

Culture of Respect

Within our caring community we are connected by something greater than ourselves thanks to shared values and ideals. That is why our conversations emphasize covenants and responsibilities more than rules and regulations. One aspect at the heart of a strong community is honest and open communication. Through assemblies, the house system, advisors and other caring adults and peers, we are able to consciously foster a healthy social and moral environment.

Safe and bountiful setting

Our beautiful, green 100-acre campus is the envy of many other independent schools. Our safe and rural setting offers our students daily exposure to nature, provides unique learning opportunities and nurtures healthy habits of the heart and mind.


Life on Campus

Confessions of a Boarder

Video: Confessions of a Boarder

House system

With six boarding houses and four day houses, all TCS students have a place to call home and a group of friends with deep bonds. Each house is designated for male or female students and there is a housemaster and assistant housemaster for each house, several faculty advisors who visit regularly, and senior students who serve as leaders. Students reside in the same houses throughout their time at TCS. Our house system instils pride and family ties through intramural debates, team sports, the pursuit of the top house cup and many other spirit and trust-building activities.

Weekend Programmes

Given the large number of boarding students at TCS, many students remain on campus during the weekends and find themselves with free time. TCS offers organized and appropriate activities so our students can benefit from exploring the local area and nearby city attractions. In addition, we offer a Welcome a Boarder program which has local TCS families opening their homes to international boarding students on break weekends.


Learning & Growing

Building Independence

Building independence

When children are away from their parents, as boarders at TCS, they are able to try new things and challenge themselves in a safe environment. As they are living in a learning community of like-minded peers they feel supported and are driven to do their personal best, to realize what's within.

Academic Support

The Academic Support Centre (ASC) enhances the level of teaching and learning at Trinity College School by providing comprehensive academic resources, supports and services for students. The focus is to help students demonstrate learning and academic strengths to maximize their academic potential.

Leadership Opportunities

Students at TCS are presented with many opportunities to build and exercise their leadership skills. Whether pursuing their personal best within the internationally recognized Duke of Edinburgh's Awards program, offering assistance to their classmates as peer counsellors or embracing global leadership teachings, TCS students are amazed at how much they can achieve. Our service learning program is woven into the fabric of the TCS community and the annual Week Without Walls initiative commits our entire Senior School student body and faculty to a powerful and rewarding week of giving back in our local community.


Essential Services

TCS has amazing food!

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At TCS we have an in-house chef and kitchen staff who take pride in meeting the nutritional needs of growing, active adolescents. We take responsibility for our students' nutrition and believe that food service is not something that should be outsourced for economy's sake. Healthy, balanced, nutritious meals are created and served by Chef Patrick McClean and his team. Our food services staff members take pride in their craft and are considerate of students with restricted diets, food allergies and vegetarian or vegan preferences.


At TCS our health services are extensive. A nurse is available 24 hours per day should students feel unwell. The TCS health centre provides access to a school physician and team of nurses on-site for pre-arranged care and emergency response. Additionally, the School has a sports injury clinic offering physical therapy, and a school counsellor who provides emotional-related supports.


Our travel office coordinator assists students who wish to travel home to visit and the School also offers an Airport Monitor program which involves an adult monitor assisting TCS students, who rely on air travel, through Toronto's Pearson International Airport.