Teachers here GET TECHNOLOGY

Like Macs or PCs? iPads? Classrooms here have them. (And smartphones aren’t banned – just be smart about 'em.)

Integrated learning studioStudents enjoy a modern learning studio: "That room is now my favorite classroom in the whole school. It helps me be excited for going to class simply because the room is awesome."
– Michael, Grade 10 student
Harness technology TCS uses one of the most integrated information technology programmes in Canada.
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Live in a DIVERSE community of students!

Learn about other cultures, traditions and points of view from your international classmates. Or, take your interest in exploring the world’s cultures a step further and go on unforgettable trips to places like Ecuador, the Amazon Rainforest, South Africa or Paris! It’s all part of the diverse learning experience on offer at TCS.

Video: Me To We - Ecuador Trip
TCS is a diverse community
Find out where our students are from and where they are going!
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DON'T JUST READ about it

Robotics, astronomy and history trips are just some of the FUN ways of learning at TCS.

Video: Higher Learning Academy
European Tour
Learn about our Grade 10 Travel History students who took an amazing 11-day trip to tour major historic sites of World War I and World War II in Europe.
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BAM! Get to class in like 2 minutes

When you live here, you have more time to do what you like and STILL be on time for every class.

Campus Map
Check out a campus map or view
a photographic campus tour.
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Don’t worry, you’ll GET it!

When you live on a school campus, there’s LOTS of academic support. Stuck on something? There are always teachers around to give you the extra attention you need.

Video: Speech Day
Our supportive teachers give YOU the help you need to find yourself a proud grad on Speech Day.
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