Indoor pool, two gymnasiums, squash courts, indoor rowing facilities, outdoor running trails. (You could get tired just looking at all there is to do.)

Go Team!
Check out a list of school facilities
Photo Gallery - Athletics & Facilities

The food here is WICKED

Two words: School Chef! The TCS kitchen offers tons of variety and healthy options (and an ice cream bar too) and caters to special diets and allergies (vegan, gluten-free and more).

Video: Food, Glorious Food!
Osler Hall sample menu
Take a peak at a sample menu
Photo Gallery - Food at Osler Hall

Get your OWN SPACE!

Live with friends in your own dorm rooms, and experience an amazing house full of new BFFs.

What to bring to boarding school
Here’s a check list of what you
should bring with you.
Photo Gallery - Living Space


Seriously. Friendly housekeepers help ensure your lucky socks are fresh when you need them, and your dorm room doesn’t permanently smell like pizza.

What to wear
Wondering what to wear?
Check out TCS student gear!
Photo Gallery - Housekeeping Staff

LOTS of support

For those times when you need someone to talk to you, the adults here are happy to help, just say the word. Your advisor, housemaster and assistant housemaster, teachers and school counsellor have your back.

Support is everywhere
Meet your support system
Photo Gallery - Support for Students

FAMILY visits

Sure, you can call, text and video chat whenever, but what if you feel like going home? School breaks and holidays throughout the year are the perfect time for in-person family visits.

All the comforts of home
TCS has all the comforts of home
Photo Gallery - Family Visits

Health Centre & Athletic Therapy

From sniffles to sprained ankles, health professionals on staff have treated it all. (And you thought only your mommy could make you feel better.)

Photo Gallery - Heath Centre & Athletic Therapy