FAQs for prospective and enrolled students


What other fees should I expect, beyond tuition?

Uniforms: These can be purchased new from our supplier or used in the Bear Boutique guild store on campus. Most families budget $750-$1,000 in their first year for uniform expenses.

Books: For Senior School students, books are purchased from the School (either new or second-hand when available) and can be resold to the store at the end of the school year (depending on the condition of the book and whether or not it is being used next year.) We recommend budgeting around $500 for books for the year initially. Junior School students are charged a fee of approximately $75 for consumable books and texts. All other textbooks and novels are loaned to the students by the School.

Laptop: For Senior School students, a laptop is mandatory. Please refer to the “What kind of laptop should I buy for my child?” question below for more details. (Junior School students are supplied with laptops or iPads depending on grade.)

Tuition Refund Plan (TRP): Tuition insurance is mandatory for all families, unless tuition is paid in full. The charge is based on a percentage of tuition paid and changes year to year.

Initiation fee: All new students pay a one-time initiation fee of $2,000 (Grades 5-10 domestic) or $3,000 (all international and Grade 11-12 domestic).

Health Insurance: For families from outside Canada, we would recommend health insurance at the cost of approximately $650.

Other: There will be some extra costs for certain team uniforms, incidentals and travel costs. Please call the admissions office for details (905-885-3209).

Where can I find out more about the academic and additional programming on offer at TCS?

Please access the TCS School Profile, prepared by our guidance team, for more information about the academic, leadership and co-curricular programming available at TCS.

What kind of laptop should I buy for my child?

TCS offers a BYOAD (Bring your own Apple device) program for new Senior School families that allows students to bring their own Apple notebook to use in the classroom. For access to the online TCS Apple Store, click here. Please note that you are welcome to purchase at any Apple store or using the online Apple store. It is not necessary to order from the TCS store; these specifications are meant as a guideline only. Please feel free to contact the Director of Information Technology Services, Kelly Ambrose, at kambrose@tcs.on.ca or 905-885-3217 ext. 1553 if you have any further questions. (Junior School students are supplied with laptops or iPads depending on grade.)

Is there any software that I should have on my laptop before arriving at TCS?

More information will be sent to enrolled students in the summer before their arrival, but the following represents a good guideline:

  • Anti-virus and a Cisco agent
  • There will be a charge for software (approx. $75) in September which will be course specific and also include the Microsoft Office Suite and the Adobe Suite. There is no need to preload this.

How many pieces of each uniform item do we need?

We would suggest 2 kilts/pants and 5 shirts to start, along with a blazer. We also have a used uniform store on campus (the Bear Boutique) when students grow and need to replace items or want to supplement their uniform collection.

When can I visit the school store?

The school store is open Monday to Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. during the school year. The school store closes for the summer and re-opens again in mid-August. Appointments are not necessary. Please note that while you can visit the school store to be measured for uniforms while it is open, you can also submit uniform measurements very easily online.

I am not able to book an appointment with our family doctor until late summer; can I hand in the student health form after that?

Yes, it is also helpful to reach out to Jennifer Kedwell, director of health services, at 905-885-3217 ext. 1216 or jkedwell@tcs.on.ca to let her know that the form will be forthcoming.

Do I need to complete and sign all the health forms even if they do not apply to my child?

Yes. Each form has space to indicate if it does not apply to your child. It is helpful for our health service staff to have a complete set of forms for each student.

How much does a taxi from Port Hope to the train station in Cobourg cost?

A taxi ride from the school campus to the VIA train station in Cobourg costs $19 one-way.

What are the holiday dates?

The academic dates for the current year – along with other helpful information – can always be found on the parents page website (www.tcs.on.ca/parents). Please follow these links for direct access to the Senior School dates and the Junior School dates.


How do I get my child set up for life in Canada, including a bank account and cell phone?

During Opening Week, representatives from the TD Canada Trust bank and local cell phone providers will be on campus to assist families in registering for a bank account or cell phone. Note: Your child needs to have their original passport with them as identification to open a bank account.

What happens during the long weekend breaks?

All students must leave the TCS campus on the long breaks. There are a number of options in place for our boarding students from far away including Capture Canada trips (you can find the details online at www.tcs.on.ca/capturecanada). There are also possibilities for homestay with TCS families as well as your child being invited home by a friend from residence.

Can my child attend Sunday Catholic mass? How does this work?

Yes, your child can attend Sunday Catholic mass. We have a Catholic church in town and Canon Don Aitchison (TCS chaplain) can arrange a meeting with the priest. To see a list of local places of worship please click here.

Can I mail some of my child’s personal things to the School? Which address should I use? How long in advance of the school year starting can I send items?

You can send items for your child to the school address: 55 Deblaquire Street North, Port Hope ON, L1A 4K7, Ontario, Canada. You can do this after your child has arrived at school (or for arrival at TCS around September 1st).

Does my child need sheets, duvet, towels? How many of each?

Yes – boarding students need to bring their own sheets, duvet, and towels. Laundry is done once a week so you can decide the amount of bedding needed based on this.

Can my child bring their own fridge and kettle?

Each student is permitted to have a half-size fridge, but no kettles are permitted in boarding house rooms.

Do we need to purchase any school supplies before the first day?

You can buy basic school supplies before arriving; however, we suggest students attend a few weeks of class to understand the needs of each class/teacher before acquiring more supplies. A specific calculator (details to follow this summer) and basic pens/pencils along with a few binders/pads of paper is a good place to start. There is also a great school store on campus if students need anything extra.

My child is in the middle of orthodontic treatment. How can she/he continue this treatment as a boarder at TCS?

The first thing to do is to ask your home orthodontist to refer your child to one of the orthodontists listed below. Once a referral has been made, the office of Director of Health Jennifer Kedwell takes over arranging appointments and transportation. The fees for service will need to be arranged directly between parents and the orthodontist's office as the School does not charge large orthodontic fees to student accounts.

Dr. Tim Agapas  (in the office every Monday only)
c/o Altima Dental
18 Queen Street
Port Hope
Telephone: 905-885-5314

Dr. Winnie Grewal  (in the office on Tuesdays and alternate Thursdays)
54 King Street East
Telephone: 905-623-2283


Does the School offer bus service to TCS day students living in surrounding communities?

Yes, TCS provides a safe, reliable and reasonably priced bus service that over 150 of our students use daily. For our students in the Durham Region, the daily weekday bus departs Ajax at approximately 7:00 a.m., making stops at Whitby, Courtice, Bowmanville and Newcastle before arriving at TCS. Those students travelling to school daily from the Peterborough area have a choice of four pick-up and drop-off locations with morning buses departing between 6:45-7:25 a.m.

Regular evening buses return students to the communities in which they live. For Senior School students this means arriving between approximately 6:00-7:30 p.m., depending on their grade level, day of the week and drop off location. Junior School students typically arrive back in their home community between 4:30-5:20 p.m. each weekday.

For students in the Senior School, there is also a Saturday bus schedule for both Peterborough and the Durham Region and “late buses” are often scheduled on evenings when special events are taking place on campus.

How do we register for the bus?

The bus registration and designate consent forms are included in the registration booklet families receive after a student is enrolled. You need to complete those and return those forms to the admissions office with the other registration forms.

Can I pick up my child at a different location if needed?

Yes, you just need to contact Renata Banks, our travel co-ordinator at 905-885-3217 ext. 1257, to inform her of the change. It is best to do this during our business hours, Monday to Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Do we get confirmation of the bus location?

Yes, Mrs. Banks reaches out to families in late August to confirm bussing.