Guardianship, Student Visas and Study Permits

International boarding students whose primary residence is outside of Canada must have a Canadian guardian. An international family may identify their own guardian who resides in Ontario, is English-speaking and over the age of 21. Families who do not have a guardian may wish to use a third-party consultant to provide guardianship. Trinity College School, along with a number of other Ontario independent schools, works with organizations such as International Student Guardianship Canada (ISGC) and Student Guardianship Services to ensure students are safe and well taken care of during the periods when the School is closed (e.g. during long weekends and holidays when students must leave campus).

As well, the application process to renew Student Visas and Study Permits is sometimes complex and, depending on the country of origin, can take a few months to arrange. (Click here to view Study Permit processing times.) ISGC also provides services to help with this application process.

Click here for information from Immigration Canada about international students in Canada.