79th Annual Toronto Branch Dinner

Join us at the

79th Annual Toronto Branch Dinner!

Thursday, November 7, 2019
Royal Canadian Military Institute
426 University Avenue, Toronto

6:00 p.m. cocktails
7:00 p.m. brief remarks followed by a sit down dinner

Online registration is now closed, and the event is sold out.  If you have questions please contact us directly at 905-885-1295


Early Bird Tickets (purchased by October 28th)
$50.00/person for Young Alumni (classes of 2015-2019), current & retired staff

Regular Tickets (purchased after October 28th)
$60.00/person for Young Alumni (classes of 2015-2019), current & retired staff

Want to be involved but unable to attend?

Support the Toronto Branch Subsidy, which allows us to offer a lower ticket price to young alumni, current and retired faculty and staff. Every donation will be recognized, and income tax receipts are available. Make your gift at www.tcs.on.ca/donate or contact the philanthropy & alumni office at events@tcs.on.ca or 905-885-1295 with any questions.


Receiving their honorary alumnus status for 20 years of service:

Fr. Don Aitchison
Barbara Brough
Christine Burns
Josh Hamilton
Rhiannon Heffernan
Christine Hoskin-Bailey


See Who's Coming

Please note anyone listed in italics, with * beside their name, has stated they would like to come, but their registration has not yet been received


Bill Bougher '56
Colin McNairn '57
Tim Kennish '58
Peter Levedag '58
Michael Thompson '58 & Lynda Thompson
Clair Balfour '59
Hugh Paisley '59

Allan Wakefield '60
Christopher Brown '63
Bob Gibson '63
Roger Glassco '65 & Brenda Glassco
Philip Jackson '66
George Thompson '66

John Barford '74
Louis Hambrock '74
Peter Janes '74
Tim Stoate '74
Colin Brown '75
Will Woodcock '75 & Brenda Hogan
Brian Lawson '78
Peter Scott '79

Ted Boyd '82
Tony Denning '82
Dan Hill '82
Richard Murphy '82
Andrew Pain '82
Tim Pinnington '82
David Thomas '82
Gord Boughner '83
David Hackett '83
Migara Weerasinghe '84
Mike Cunningham '89

Robert Scott '90
Ben Baldwin '92
Austin Dumas '92
Mike Connell '92
Peter Roland '92
Staunton Bowen '93
David Fisher '93
Arundel (Strathy) Gibson '93
Noble Gibson '93
Dana Toering '93
Ryan Conacher '97
Anne McCaughey '97
Simon Rowland '98
Sarah Gillin '99

Jeremy Birnie '00 & Sarah (Cunningham) Birnie '00
Allison Brough '00
Valerie (Bryden) Baldin '01
Jodi Wright '01
Ashley Tomlinson '01
Douglas Massiah '02
Stephanie Hambrock '03
Andrew Tirelli '04
David Piccini '06
Sarah Piccini '09
Braydon Noll '16

Faith Chipman '13
Tory Pearson '14
Conrad Speckert '14
Marek Viezner '14
Jacqueline Krozonouski '15
Sebastian Bonham-Carter '15
Pallavi Singh '15
Charles Pearson '16
Miguel Weerasinghe '19

Current, Retired Staff & Other Guests
Don Aitchison
Fred Aitchison
Kris Bailey & Christine Hoskin-Bailey
Barb Brough
Christian Burns & Christine Burns
Pam Dew
Jennifer Dunbar
David Fisher '93
Stuart Grainger
Suzanne Hamilton & Josh Hamilton
Tim Hay
Dave Ingram
Kent Jillings & Rhiannon Heffernan
Peter Kedwell
Shelley Henderson
Tricia Mandryk
Doug Mann
David McCart '67
Heather McClure
Deirdre McIntosh
Maria Phipps
Barb Piccini
Olga (Visser) Quick
Shirley Rainbird
Katharine Robling
Shelagh Straughan
Scott Taylor
Rick Traugott
David Wills & Lori Wills