BearTracks Network

We invite you to participate in a unique opportunity to connect and make a difference in the TCS family by joining the BearTracks Network

BearTracks Network

How Does BearTracks Work?

The TCS Alumni Association executive in conjunction with the TCS philanthropy & alumni 0ffice, has re-branded the BearTracks program by reinvigorating two platforms that most alumni are already using, in new and innovative ways. The goal of this initiative is two-fold. First, to help connect TCS alumni with an online networking platform. Second, to provide leadership of a career resource that will include an online job board, internship recruiting, networking and career advice and profiles of our alumni.

Many of you are already familiar with the TCS Alumni Directory (NetDirectories). It is a tremendous resource of information about our alumni. Log in and explore the platform by clicking here. This will be the central platform to locate and connect with fellow TCS alumni around the world.

Our career resource will reside within LinkedIn. Already, more than 1,100 alumni worldwide are members of our TCS Alumni Group and we hope to build on that number. Alumni can now add Trinity College School in the Education section of their LinkedIn profile, giving users the ability to search for TCS alumni on LinkedIn.

Follow these three easy steps to stay connected with the TCS BearTracks Network (instructions below):

  1. In LinkedIn, add Trinity College School as a school in your Education section. If you don’t currently have a profile on LinkedIn, you can sign up free of charge at
  2. Request to be added to the TCS Alumni LinkedIn Group. Go to and click on “Ask to join” button. (If you are already a member then it will have a checkmark next to the word "Member.")
  3. Log into the TCS Alumni Directory at Make sure your profile is up to date – particularly your contact information and current profession/place of employment.

If you have any questions we invite you to contact the BearTracks Network manager: Rick Traugott at 905-885-3217 ext. 1342 or

Quotes from Our BearTracks Members

“I personally like the idea of sharing the decisions and mistakes I made in getting to the position I am in today. It is also a way to stay connected with the TCS community in a different way than the usual alumni events.” Benoit Chapdelaine ’97

“The information [I received through BearTracks] gave me peace of mind that I had chosen the right path for myself and had explored all potential options from qualified and credible resources... exactly what I was looking for. It also gave me some great contacts in the industry and potential sounding boards for the future. As usual, the Beartracks Mentorship Programme proved an invaluable resource!” Andrew Wilson ’05