COVID-19 – TCS’s response

This page provides up-to-date general information related to the School’s response to the global COVID-19 (coronavirus) pandemic. 

Since January 2020, Trinity College School has been communicating extensively, providing targeted information for its various constituents. The health and safety of our community members are our top priority. 

Current TCS students and parents: This page offers general information. Please watch your email and visit the previously promoted webpage that offers details pertinent to TCS families. Questions can be directed to

Important Information

  • The TCS campus is currently closed as a result of the provincial government's mandated closure of all publicly-funded and private schools, intended to help slow the spread of the COVID-19 virus.
  • Students are currently off campus and all but essential service staff are working remotely. The School moved to an online learning program as of Thursday, March 26th.
  • The School continues to receive and respond to inquiries. Call 905-885-3217 or email
  • On-campus classes are currently scheduled to re-commence on April 14, 2020. However, this date could change based on future directives and/or advice from federal and provincial governments and public health authorities.
  • All school travel and events up to and including April 13, 2020 have been cancelled. Events scheduled for April 14, 2020 and beyond are being assessed and will either be modified, postponed or cancelled. Visit our "Frequently Asked Questions" below for more details.

Health and Safety on Campus

The TCS Campus is currently closed with only staff members who reside on campus or those identified as providing an essential service being permitted. 

Campus Screening Protocols are in effect. This means that no one may attend the TCS campus without the completion of the Campus Visitor Screening form. The form is based on risk factors as outlined by Ontario Public Health. Essential service employees who have, or reside with someone who has, flu-like or respiratory illness symptoms are restricted from attending the TCS campus as are those who have travelled internationally in the last 15 days.

Employees who live on campus and who develop symptoms consistent with COVID-19, or live will someone with symptoms, OR have travelled in the last 15 days, must self-isolate in their private residence and promptly advise the School.

Those on campus are reminded and required to practice protocols aimed at keeping our campus healthy, which include practicing 2-metre social distancing and adhering to hand and surface hygiene requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions

Please check back often as we continue to answer and post more “frequently asked questions” related to the School’s COVID-19 response. If you do not find the answer to your question below, please contact us at so that we can respond to you directly. Current families should visit the previously promoted webpage that offers details pertinent to TCS families.

On Tuesday, March 31st, the Ontario government announced an extension of the closure of all publicly-funded schools until May 4th, in response to the global COVID-19 pandemic (click here to read the announcement). With a priority on the health and safety of our students through a commitment to social distancing, TCS is following the directives of the provincial government and will remain closed until at least Monday, May 4th, with students continuing their studies through an online model (now known as “TCS Connect”) launched on March 26th.

At present, the School is operating under a modified work model (announced on March 15th) that has only a very limited number of essential staff on campus. All other employees are required to work remotely, off-campus in an effort to support social distancing. At this time, we intend to operate “virtually” online as we are committed to helping our students continue their studies. In the realm of contingency planning, our plans for online learning extend beyond May 4th.

Additionally, with some adjustments, there has been essentially no disruption to the day-to-day “business” of the School with our admissions office, finance office, administration, IT, communications office, philanthropy & alumni office and property maintenance services continuing to operate (most remotely). As usual, the school community has demonstrated incredible collaboration and commitment in support of the School’s operation.

Re-opening of campus

As you will appreciate, the situation remains fluid. Our hope remains that we will welcome students back to classes on campus on May 4th. However, this has been complicated by the decision by the Canadian government to prevent the entry of all non-Canadian travelers in our country in an effort to limit the spread of COVID-19 in Canada.

The Ontario provincial government has limited public gatherings and mandated the closure of non-essential businesses. In the coming days, the government has signalled it may extend these closures further.

At this time, it is unclear when these government mandates will extend until. Therefore, the School has encouraged our international students to return to their home country into the care of a parent as soon as possible, or in the case where travel or health restrictions prevent this, to stay with a guardian. (However noting it is families’ responsibility to determine what ramifications may result for a student leaving Canada who is currently here on a student visa. This could impact their ability to return this year or next year.)

In addition, we are currently advising families that it would be prudent to refrain from booking return to campus travel arrangements at this time.

We believe that it is best for students to remain in the care of their guardians or family until next steps can be determined and communicated in this quickly evolving situation.

While our campus is currently closed, our admissions office is fully operational and keen to connect with you. You may reach us by calling 905-885-3209 or emailing

To learn more about TCS you may also complete our online inquiry form by clicking here.

Unfortunately, our April Open House events have been cancelled and weekly admissions visits have been suspended for now. However, to arrange a virtual visit, Skype call or to connect with current parents or students, please contact us as outlined above.

The philanthropy and alumni office continues to be operational with the majority of its staff working remotely. To reach us call 905-885-1295 or email You may also visit the alumni webpage:

If you are looking to make a donation, please click here to visit our online donation page. Thank you for your continued support of TCS.

All school events, trips and travel up to and including April 13th are cancelled. Events, trips and travel currently scheduled to take place between April 14th and the end of the academic year will be assessed as more information comes to light and may be altered, rescheduled, or cancelled as appropriate. It will be important to watch for further updates from the School.

The School has made the difficult decision to cancel or postpone the following alumni events:

University visits in Kingston and London, Ontario (late March) – cancelled

Reunion Weekend (May 22nd- 24th) which includes the following events – postponed until October 16th-18th:

  • TCS Golf Tournament (May 22nd) – postponed until October
  • Alumni Games: Old Boys Rugby & Old Boys Cricket (May 23rd) – postponed until October
  • Dedications: Edwin Nash Garden & Clinton T. Sayers ’80 Service Learning Award (May 23rd) – postponed until October

Major events will take place if it is safe to do so.

The situation is fluid. All school events scheduled between April 6th and May 3rd will soon be assessed and a determination will be made as to whether to cancel, postpone or modify each event. Reunion Weekend has been postponed until the weekend of October 16th-18th.

Events scheduled to occur after May 3rd will be assessed as more information comes to light. It will be important to watch for updates from the School.

Using the summer course at Cambridge University as an example, while it may seem early to begin considering summer programming, it would be wise to be aware of the logistical details that ought to be considered regarding the delivery of the ENG4U course in Cambridge. The Government of Canada has issued an official Travel Advisory that advises against all non-essential travel for Canadians outside of the country. Through conversations with our partner, Reach Cambridge, the course continues to be planned. The changing nature of the situation, however, would make it prudent to delay the purchase of airline tickets. The School is committed to ensuring that there are learning models in place in order to meet the curricular goals of all our students. As such, ENG4U will be made available to our learners through whichever platforms and venues best allow for the welfare and success of all involved.

Preventative Measures

To help limit the spread of illness, Health Canada recommends the following measures be taken:

  • proper handwashing / hand cleaning – thoroughly washing hands with soap and water; in instances where handwashing is not possible, use alcohol-based hand sanitizers
  • proper sneeze/cough etiquette – covering the mouth and nose during coughing or sneezing with a tissue or a flexed elbow, and disposing of used tissues in a waste container, followed by handwashing
  • keeping hands away from eyes, nose and mouth; avoid shaking hands with others
  • practicing social distancing by leaving a 2 metre/6 foot physical distance between you and others whenever possible
  • avoiding sharing food/beverages or personal items (utensils, water bottles, etc.)
  • regular and thorough cleaning of high-touch surfaces (counters, toilets, electronics, door handles, etc.) using household cleaner or diluted bleach
  • follow the latest federal and provincial guidance on self-monitoring, self-isolation and isolation
  • learn more at the Government of Canada Public Health’s website: click here


Handwashing Infographic