The 150th Anniversary Campaign

In 2015, TCS will celebrate a landmark event:
its 150th anniversary.

The School has launched a $33.5 million fundraising campaign, the most ambitious in its history. It has three priorities:

  1. Increase the endowment

    Make TCS more accessible to the most promising students by increasing the endowment by at least $12 million or 50%.

  2. Enhance our athletic facilities and visual arts facilities

    Support the critical role of co-curricular activities in the TCS experience by enhancing our athletic facilities ($10 million) and visual art facilities ($2.5 million – project completed).

  3. Create a Learning Commons

    Support the different learning styles of all students and bring our community together in the heart of the School through the Learning Commons project ($9 million).

Our exceptional campus and critical endowment fund were built and renewed by the generosity of previous generations of alumni and parents. It now falls to the current generation to continue this great tradition through the 150th Anniversary Campaign.

After all, a good part of you is still here.