Extraordinary Fund

The past year has been an extraordinary year for everyone, and Trinity College School is no exception. When students and staff left campus for March break last year, no one could imagine that they wouldn’t return in person for six months. The last time the School closed its campus to students was following the fire of 1928, which almost leveled the campus. At that trying time, alumni and parents came together to fund new school buildings which are still home to this day.

We are confident the TCS community will once again rally to support the School, this time, helping ensure the health and well-being of students and staff.

Extraordinary Fund

The School has made a number of extraordinary investments in additional personnel, renovations and equipment to enhance campus health and safety for students and staff. In total, it is anticipated that more than $1,000,000 will be invested in the following areas:

  • additional personnel including extra nursing coverage in the health centre, more program and residential assistants to enhance student supervision, additional staff to reduce congestion in Osler Hall and added cleaning staff;
  • enhanced ventilation systems particularly in the older parts of the School primarily state-of-the-art portable air purification units;
  • marquis tent rentals to create six outdoor meeting spaces for classes, house meetings and co-curricular activities;
  • temporary classrooms in the upper and lower gyms and squash courts;
  • enhanced teaching capabilities including new in-classroom cameras and microphones, live streaming cameras and expanded internet;
  • new sanitizing cleaning units, barrier protection and hand washing stations; and
  • emerging priorities as the school year unfolds.

The School is counting on the support of alumni and parents to fund these critical enhancements via donations to the Extraordinary Fund. The TCS Board of Governors has reached 100% participation and asks you to join them in considering a special gift this year; this is our most urgent fundraising priority.

Some examples of how your donation to the Extraordinary Fund can help:

$50 provides a sanitizer staion;t here are 145 of these on campus
$125 provides plexiglass dividers for an office; there are 28 of these areas around campus
$250 provides 75 face shields for faculty members
$500 provides a projector & screen used for teaching in alternate spaces; there are 6 around campus
$750 provides medical grade masks for faculty and staff for 1 week
$1,250 provides an electrostatic back[ack and sprayer unit for cleaning; there are 5 on campus
$2,000 provides an air purifier unit; there are more than 75 units on campus in classrooms and common spaces
$2,500 provides a satellite kitchen servery; there are 4 located around campus to spread out during meals
$5,000 provides room dividers for teaching in alternate spaces in the upper and lower gymnasiums
$10,000 provides a tent rental to allow for more outdoor learning opportunities; there will be 6 on campus
$15,000 provides 30 iPads for hybrid teaching with students both on and off campus

Extraordinary Fund

Please make your donation at www.tcs.on.ca/donate today.