Big Fan Project


Do you remember sitting in Osler Hall or the Chapel as a student, sweltering with the heat? Or chilled each winter because all of the hot air has risen to the top of the high ceilings? Help us fix these problems!

Over the March break, TCS would like to install three 14-foot fans in the ceilings of Osler Hall and the Memorial Chapel. The Upper gym would have two 12-foot fans and the Lower gym one 24-foot fan, installed over the summer break. This project has a total budget of $130,000.

Gathering as a community in the Memorial Chapel, Osler Hall and our gymnasiums is integral to the TCS experience. These energy-efficient, silent fans will make a world of difference to the daily lives of TCS students, affecting many of the spaces that every student on campus uses regularly. Help us make these spaces the best that they can be.

The stewardship of the Memorial Chapel and Osler Hall is a responsibility that we take very seriously. We want to see these spaces used to their full potential, with comfort, for many years to come. Please join us in this stewardship and make your gift to the Fans of TCS Project today.

We guarantee, the students and staff of TCS will be YOUR biggest fans.

With best wishes,

Canon Don Aitchison (F.D.)
Patrick McClean
Director of Culinary Services


Gifts can be made at, or by calling the philanthropy & alumni office at 905-885-1295.