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What does the future look like?

This past weekend at the School, we hosted a strategic planning workshop in the Cirne Commons. Led by TCS governor, past parent and associate dean of MBA and master’s programs at the Smith School of Business at Queen’s University, Dr. Elspeth Murray P’08 ’10, 50 representatives from the broad TCS community offered their thoughts on the future of our beloved school. Parents, alumni, faculty, staff, board and foundation members, trustees and our head girl actively participated in identifying the strengths, opportunities and challenges facing independent schools in general, and specifically, TCS.

This workshop was one of many efforts – which have also included employee listening sessions, a survey to more than 7,500 community members, work groups and one-on-one conversations – initiated by the School and board, to solicit input on the near and distant future of Trinity College School.  

Perhaps the most overwhelming feeling that I was left with after many conversations, reviewing survey responses, considering listening session feedback and following Saturday’s workshop, is the incredible amount of affection that members of our community have for their school. There is a high degree of consensus that TCS effectively strives to fulfill its mission every day, to the best of our collective abilities, and with great success!

There is strong support for the balance of tradition and history while making continued progress and strides in pedagogy, curriculum, student support and care, economic accessibility, diversity and facilities. We are still regarded as one of the top schools in Canada and we should be proud, and humbled, by this assessment.

And while, an overwhelming need to significantly change or correct our course has not been identified, there are, as always, circumstances and matters that need to be addressed or planned for as we look to the future. In these early days of the planning process, some of the matters of priority seem to include, but are not limited to: continuing to address the many changing needs of our students so we can best offer support and care; further increasing our endowment to fund financial assistance to enable more deserving students to attend TCS; looking inward to further connect and support the dedicated faculty and staff in our community; exploring the impacts of technology and the value of life skills in the young people we graduate.

But again, if there was one major theme that has risen to the top, thus far, as a result of our community outreach and invitations to contribute thoughts to this planning exercise, it is that the School is being encouraged, over the next five years, to focus more on enhancing what we have (i.e. our people, program and place) rather than charting a major new direction.  

If you have not yet shared your thoughts regarding the future of this amazing school, I would encourage you to please complete our online survey (check your inbox for an invitation to participate sent in October), email in your thoughts or book a time to chat with me in the near future. Thank you for your interest and insights.

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