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Proudest Moments

Do you have a “proudest moment”? And by that I mean, do you have an accomplishment or instance of your own, that you are most proud of? I am not speaking about something that your child did, or your spouse accomplished, but instead, something that is specific to just you.

Our individual moments of self-pride are not something we regularly talk about. It would certainly be unusual to call for everyone’s attention at a cocktail party for the singular point of telling all those in attendance how truly great you were on a particular occasion. But, when you quietly reflect on your life, is there a moment in time that pops to the forefront, when everything fell into place, or made sense? Or when you were victorious, or achieved a lifelong goal, or attained something you never thought was possible?

I reflected upon this over the course of the Victoria Day long weekend. I travelled to Ottawa for a number of reasons, not the least of which was to visit with my father, who had experienced a mild stroke a few weeks ago. He is fine; but, he has slowed down a bit of late.

As “kids” are wont to do when they return to their family home and visit their parents, I started flipping through old family photo albums. I also spent time looking at portraits my dad has drawn and paintings he has created over the years, some of which hang on the walls of my father’s basement office. I was flooded with memories and emotions; for about an hour I was left smiling, albeit with misty eyes.

Personally, I think one of my proudest moments occurred when my parents visited Trinity College School about 10 years ago. My father came to the Monday morning chapel service. I introduced my dad to the school community; the students gave him a very nice round of applause.

Never in his wildest dreams, would he have believed that I would become an educator, let alone a headmaster of an independent school with such a rich history. And, I mean NEVER.

I am exceptionally fortunate to have had this opportunity and even more blessed to have been able to share it with my parents. I suppose, even as a dad with my own kids, it always feels good to know your parents are proud of you.

I know of many adults, and children, who never had the opportunity to share their proud moments with their loved ones.

So, don’t let that be you.

Tell your kids how proud you are of them. It’s not too late. Oh, and there is no limit on how many times you are allowed to say it.


Your blog brings to mind two events in my mind that "book-end" my career at Trinity College School of which I am most proud. In winter 1975 I was invited to an interview by Headmaster Angus Scott for a position in the modern languages department. Flying in from my school in Labrador, my parents picked me up at Pearson and drove me to Port Hope. They and I were struck by the opportunity afforded me to teach at TCS in a phone call a few days later. Over the years they visited me and family here on campus and on Deblaquire and Ward Streets many times. They always enjoyed a walk around campus. Sadly, by the time of my retirement in 2010, my dad had died and my mother was in a nursing home only to die a year later. All those years before, they had urged me to accept the TCS offer and I did fortunately for me. It was a proud day at Speech Day June 2010 knowing my parents were with me in spirit. I have been blessed many times over in my association with the School on the Hill and brought more into focus this Reunion Weekend.

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