The Exit Interview

Towards the end of each academic year at TCS, I get the pleasure of hosting “House Chew and Chats.” In short, the graduating students are all invited to attend a session, by house, with me in which I provide the food and they provide the conversation. Actually, they provide their perspective on the strengths of Trinity College School and areas that we could improve or enhance. It’s similar to what some businesses might call an “exit interview.”

Given the circumstances we find ourselves in today, I could not provide the food.(And I know we all miss the food from Osler Hall!) But, thanks to technology, the conversations took place and nearly 85% of the graduating class participated. Here are a selection of the comments the soon-to-be grads made about our school:


  • Half Days
  • Academic support
  • Teachers care and are helpful
  • Lots to do
  • Sense of community
  • Traditions
  • Size of school
  • House Outings
  • All staff are nice
  • Music rooms and workout rooms open
  • Opening Week activities (Ruckus, mud pit)

Overwhelmingly, the most frequent comment was with respect to the high level of care and support from our teachers and staff. This fact was referenced by each and every house, multiple times.

Areas to enhance or improve:

  • More Half Days
  • More House Outings
  • Improve the washrooms
  • Sign-in and sign-out protocols (the Reach system)
  • More access to the new big gym (e.g. Sue Burns Gym)
  • Spring house competition (for Langmuir Cup points)

For this year’s “Chew and Chat,” I added another element. For nostalgic reasons, I was keen to find out what our grads’ favourite moment was during their tenure at TCS. Without identifying any individual, here is a sample of what several grads’ favourite moment was:

  • Scoring three goals against UCC, and beating them for the first time in years
  • First Half Day chapel
  • Skate Day
  • First snowfall
  • Breakfast Olympics
  • Cake Auction
  • Fishing on the Ganaraska
  • International Day
  • Carol Services
  • First day back after summer

There is so much interesting information I gather from our grads each year. But the two things that most resonated with me were how caring our faculty and staff are, and that we all can’t wait until we are back at the School after summer!

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