Thank you.

With the digital Junior School Closing Ceremony being presented on Thursday and our Senior School Speech Day presentation set for Friday, this is my last blog for the academic year. And, what a year it has been.

Let me devote this space to the many positive aspects of this year. And, if there is one overall sentiment that I would wish to express, it is a massively humongous THANK YOU to the various constituencies of our beloved Trinity College School.

To our graduates: thank you! As I reflected in last week’s blog post, the Leaving Class of 2020 is a great collection of young people who demonstrated tremendous unity, perseverance, good humour and positivity up to the March Break and subsequently, even through these COVID-19 times. We all share in your disappointment in not being able to be on campus for the third term and not being able to come together, in person, to celebrate as a class. I’m glad we have the May 2021 celebrations to look forward to! And just think of all of the new life experiences you will have to share with your peers and teachers then! But, again, thank you for making the 2019-2020 academic year at Trinity College School a success.

To our faculty: thank you! The quick transition and ongoing implementation of our TCS Connect e-community online platform required extra effort, patience and endurance. Throughout the last three months, all of you have distinguished yourselves and the School with your commitment to do the very best for the students and their families. We are blessed to have you.

To our staff: thank you! All of our operational staff members are invested in enhancing the quality of experience for students within our active community. Some staff members have been temporarily laid off in an effort to cut costs, some emergency service staff members have needed to be on campus, many others have been working from home to keep our school operating and in the best possible condition it can be. But, make no mistake, this time has taken a toll on you all. Thank you again, and we are hoping to see all of you back on campus soon.

To our parents: thank you. We, at TCS, do not take your trust and confidence for granted. We are honoured to be associated with our historic school and endeavour to do our best to continue to reinforce your faith in all of us. We thank you for the sacrifices you have made to allow your kids to attend TCS. And, thank you for your understanding in this challenging third term, having your kids learning from home. I trust there were some high points to look back on, too.

To our alumni, governors, trustees, guild executive, foundation members, parent volunteers, friends of TCS: thank YOU! Your positive reinforcement throughout the year, but again, particularly in the last few months has given a daily morale boost, reminding us that we are a large and international community that is capable of overcoming the biggest of obstacles!

So, from the bottom of my heart to the tip of my fingers as I type, thank you. TCS remains a very special place because of its people. God bless you all.

Be safe. And I’ll see you on campus soon!


To Mr Grainger: thank you!!! Like a captain, you have led everyone to good port despite the troubled waters of the last months.

Thank you for leading the TCS Community through this transition and for keeping us informed throughout. Acknowledging that this are unprecedented times with lots of unknowns, I have appreciated the level of communication that you’ve provided.

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