You are not alone

Welcome to the 2020-2021 school year! After what many have characterized as "the longest March Break ever," our returning students have begun to re-engage with one another, their teachers, our staff, our program and our place. Our new students will be warmly welcomed into our community over the next couple of days.

And, parents, we will be working to engage or re-engage you in our community as well!

For the past six months, as parents, you have been busy washing, disinfecting, shopping, tidying, worrying and feeling anxious about your child's physical health, well-being, happiness and education. And, if you were like me, there was a level of disappointment and frustration that could not be directed towards anyone or anything other than "Mr. COVID." (I really dislike that guy.)

In most cases, I know that parents felt alone and frequently quite guilty. Our kids spent too much time on their phones, in their rooms, playing video games. Many did not have a summer job and we had to say no to their travel plans or visits with friends and family. Ugh.

But now we are back together: Team TCS! A group of parents, kids and staff all doing their very best to maintain a safe community while contributing to an outstanding learning environment, interacting in person and supporting one another. It cannot be perfect (alas, it never was) but with a commitment to all do our very best, kids can, once again, be kids! Parents can support their children and love them without having to manage their daily activities and actions, and teachers can do what they do best: teach.

We will all need to make sure that we have "packed our patience" every day as we adjust, manage change and navigate new protocols and expectations. And we will need, please, to presume the best of intentions as, make no mistake, we are all in this together.

So, again, "welcome" and "welcome back" to Team TCS. Let's face this academic year together with safety as our top priority while allowing learning, living and fun to reign once again!

Thank you, in advance, for your support and understanding as we navigate these times together. And, as parents, thank you for contributing to making the 2020-2021 academic year not only a memorable one, but a most successful one, too!


Stuart, you and your team, have done an outstanding job getting the school ready for the students.
The Long days weekends are a tribute to you and your commitment to both the students and their parents.
Cheers g

Thank you to you and your amazing team for your thoughtful and frequent communication and the extraordinary planning involved to create a safe and welcoming school environment. Our family is thrilled to join TCS during such a surreal time.

As a parent of two current TCS kids, WOW! Thank you! Thank you! To every TCS team member... we are grateful for the time, commitment, dedication, thoughtfulness, thoroughness, planning, sleepless effort to ensure the values and traditions of TCS continue... no matter the worldly situation. Here's to another great year!

I wish all of Team TCS the very best year. I have no doubt that immense care, concern and creativity went into your plans for a safe and welcoming return. Community is the heart of TCS & I am so happy that you are able to welcome so many back and to it again.

Thank you! Sincerely!! I have a little insight into the amount of work that goes into opening during a pandemic and the enormous responsibility to keep staff, the kids and the community safe. I am so impressed with your teams thoughtfulness and consideration in preparation for the reopening and congratulate you on a job well done.

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