Mind the Gap!

As the doors open on a London subway car, an automated, calming voice encourages everyone to “mind the gap.” The message is advising patrons of the Tube to be mindful of the space, or gap, between the subway car they are exiting and the platform they are about to step onto.

Here at TCS, as we wrap up the third week of programming, I am reminded of this phrase when talking to parents, students, faculty and staff.

For students and parents, I would advise them to “mind the expectation gap!” I am referencing the gap that necessarily exists during these COVID-19 times between the TCS programming that students enjoyed in past years, compared to what programming will look like from a September 2020 perspective. Academic spaces have been re-imagined, co-curricular offerings have been altered, meal distribution and options adjusted, physical distancing requirements implemented; in short, the breadth and depth of the traditional TCS experience have been affected by the global pandemic. For example, at this point, the reality of playing in a band or playing on a competitive team has started to settle in. The full impact of this change, however, has likely not been realized.

But, of course, not all has been lost! While there will be noticeable differences, we remain a community replete with a host of curricular, co-curricular and community building programming. Also on our side, is an unmatched group of people – adults and students alike – who are open to embracing new initiatives, opportunities and traditions.

There will be a natural tendency to compare and place blame for favourite events or initiatives that can’t happen in their traditional format this year. Ultimately, however, we need to be solution focussed. Or, perhaps a better way of describing our present circumstance is better captured in the axiom, “When life gives you lemons, make lemonade!” Rest assured, our faculty and staff are, to a person, working hard to provide the best possible glass of lemonade for our students every day. Yesterday’s fun-filled afternoon of house competitions was a testament to that effort!

However, our faculty and staff will likely also experience a “gap” in the form of an appreciation gap. But I want to recognize that it is extremely difficult for professionals to be working harder and yet feel like they are unable, in some cases, to provide their preferred delivery of instruction that they have trained for and are capable of. Our faculty and staff take enormous pride in distinguishing their individual programs for their students in unique and creative ways and through experiential opportunities, including travel. Not having access to all the tools and techniques of the trade can take a toll. Providing a top quality program, in person and online, under today’s circumstances, requires more work, not less!

So, going forward, let’s all be mindful of the gaps.

And please pass the lemonade.


From a new TCS parents point of view we could not be happier with the staff as a whole . The effort put forth has not gone unnoticed
Thank you to all

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