Let's Talk Turkey

Thanksgiving 2020 will necessarily be different than Thanksgiving 2019. Much has changed.

My recommendation is that we seize the moment this weekend to “talk turkey” with our kids and with one another. The expression to “talk turkey” references having direct and frank conversations. Rather than avoiding talking about certain topics, “talking turkey” puts the bigger issues in our lives “on the table” for discussion.

From my perspective there are three issues that families could, and should, have meaningful dialogue about (listed here in no particular order): COVID-19, racism, and the economy.

Let’s face it, how families and individuals conduct themselves over the Thanksgiving weekend during this pandemic will, to varying degrees, impact our school community when we return. If families choose to mix with families and friends and/or elect to not wear masks or appropriately physically distance themselves from others, then we are inviting the pandemic onto our campus. Within each of our families, clear boundaries and expectations regarding socializing (for kids – and moms and dads, too!) should be established and adhered to.

With respect to racism, events in the United States involving police brutality against the Black community have necessarily provoked conversations around the world, in Canada and at TCS. But to achieve change, we must all recognize that those conversations must be followed by action. On that note, in a few weeks we will be sharing some of the actions taken to date, as well as some of the initiatives planned, as a result of the committed work of the TCS Task Force to End Anti-Black Racism. As a family, please reinforce your shared values of dignity and equality for all humans. Let us all review our beliefs, language and actions and commit to make our school, and the communities in which we live, a safer and more caring place for all.

You might think the “economy” is an unusual topic for me to suggest having a conversation about. And, you are right. The real conversation is about privilege. All of us associated with TCS are privileged to be members of this community. Of course, we have our own stresses and strains, and we all worry about family members, friends and the state of the planet right now. But, as parents you have sacrificed to ensure your children have access to a world-class education. We’re grateful that you chose TCS, and I hope we can all agree that there is no better place for our kids right now than in school, learning and growing. So, let’s all do our part to keep it that way.

This Thanksgiving, there are three elephants in the room; so, let’s talk turkey.


Always bringing up what’s important, thanks for these wise words and ideas, have a great day !

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