You can’t cancel Hallowe’en

During a recent television interview, the Premier of Ontario was being questioned by phone-in callers about “cancelling” Hallowe’en. The Premier repeated that he was not cancelling Hallowe’en and denying hundreds of thousands of kids candy and the opportunity to dress up in costumes. He repeatedly said that Hallowe’en would simply need to look different.

In Dr. Seuss’ children’s book, How the Grinch Stole Christmas! (and the films that followed), the Grinch did not actually “steal Christmas.” Those familiar with the tale might remember the Grinch’s heart expanding at the critical moment of the story to, ultimately, save all the presents for the children of Whoville and preserve Christmas celebrations for all.

In both of the above examples, fictional and non-fictional, an individual cannot single-handedly eliminate the recognition of community-based events and/or traditions. It’s a bit like somebody saying you can’t celebrate your birthday!

COVID-19 has not and will not shut down teaching and learning within our community; as we have seen with our re-opening this fall, these just necessarily need to be delivered and experienced differently. The skill and flexibility of our faculty and staff, combined with the understanding and support of our students and parents, has and will ensure this to be the case.

So while the recent and short shift to online learning for some of us provided the opportunity to practice responding to possible future challenges, never will there be a threat to our long history of teaching excellence and overcoming obstacles as a united community.

It’s simply just too difficult to cancel the good stuff.

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