Junior School

Jennifer Reid
Jennifer Reid, Head of Junior School
The Junior School at Trinity College School is a day school for students in Grades 5, 6, 7 and 8. It is located in historic Boulden House which sits on the north side of the School's beautiful 100-acre campus. The staff and faculty at the Junior School work diligently to ensure the best educational experience for each child, providing diverse opportunities for personal, social, emotional, physical and intellectual growth. In a small, supportive and challenging environment, faculty motivate the students to explore their strengths and opportunities, in turn fostering character, confidence and individual achievement. It is also in the Junior School that students develop the requisite skill set to meet the expectations of Trinity College School's Senior School.

Junior School students are active participants in academics, arts, athletics and co-curricular activities and come to Trinity College School from Port Hope, Peterborough, Whitby and many other towns and cities within the Northumberland and Durham regions. TCS students embrace the opportunities provided inside and outside of the classroom; faculty work closely with students to nurture a solid sense of citizenship, good study habits, critical thinking and sound observation skills. Teachers are committed to the students and their parents, forming strong partnerships which serve as the basis for learning and growth. Communication with parents is of vital importance.

The essential ingredients of a TCS education are: academic vigour, co-curricular breadth and attention to the wellbeing of the whole person.

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“Darcy spends over 2 hours a day in transit in order to attend TCS and she wouldn’t change it for anything - we cannot wipe the smile off of her face! The experiences and opportunities that Darcy has been provided at TCS are top notch. The support and encouragement that Darcy has received from staff and students, alike, have truly resulted in an increased confidence, as she successfully navigates the challenges she encounters. It is fantastic to see that her hard work is matched by the faculty, and this has resulted in growth, both pedagogically and personally.”

Carrie Lanning, parent

“When we were relocating from England, TCS was the reason we settled in the local area. We desired the best pedigree of school for academics and extracurricular.

Our daughter started Grade 5 in September 2018. TCS continues to exceed our every expectation.”

Lola Obomighie, parent

“It is hard to put the right words to how grateful we are that Sara has been fortunate enough to attend Trinity these last few years.

Our daughter has thrived at TCS due in large part to the positive, caring and energetic guidance by the teachers and staff at Trinity College Junior School. TCS has helped Sara navigate her junior school years by encouraging her growth in academics, personal development, sports, compassion and leadership.”

Leanne Baker, parent

“After having two sons in the Junior School, we particularly valued all of the diverse opportunities that were available to them - in the classroom, in the sports realms, in leadership, and in the arts. They became more well-rounded young men because of their time in Boulden House. We also appreciated that the teachers got to know them as individuals - recognizing their strengths and helping them improve in their areas of weakness. Finally, the emphasis on character development and on being a good person in your daily interactions was invaluable, particularly for adolescents who are still finding out who they are in this world.”

Anonymous, parent
The Boulden Blog

The energy and excitement was palpable on Wednesday morning as our Grade 7 and 8 students eagerly awaited the arrival of their buses for their respective trips to Ottawa and Montreal. I know this to be true because I was there. Huddled amongst pockets of students, I was able to overhear first-hand the excited exchanges around the itinerary, the hotel, the meals and who brought what candy. “I can’t wait for…”; “It’s going to be amazing when…”; “I’m so excited to…” were the phrases most used.... Read more