Campus Life at the Junior School

This is Trinity College School: A comfortable expanse of buildings and playing fields bordering the small town of Port Hope, about an hour's drive from Toronto. We enjoy a view of Lake Ontario and a stimulating change of seasons - from brilliant autumns to snowy winters to the fresh new warmth of spring and summer.

On a campus this large, there is room to spread out and explore.

On a campus this small, friendships come easily.

And on a campus this beautiful, students are proud to call it "home."

What to Wear

Wearing the TCS uniform is a privilege and students do wear it with pride. Students in the Junior School wear "number one" dress each day, which consists of a TCS blazer, a white crested shirt, School tie, grey trousers or the kilt for girls, grey socks and black shoes. Once or twice a month, students are granted a non-uniform day.

A Typical Day

A typical weekday in the Junior School starts off with either chapel, assembly or homeroom, depending on the day of the week. Then, students attend eight academic classes which are each 35 minutes in length, divided by a 20 minute recess, co-curricular activities and lunch. After classes there is extra help available to all students on arranged days. Students leave campus at 4:00 p.m. each day unless they are attending extra help.


Chapel services are an important part of life at Trinity College School. They are held with the entire school on Monday morning and for Junior School students on Wednesday morning. Chapel is led by our chaplain, Father Don Aitchison, and is designed to encourage the spiritual and moral development of each student. It also reinforces the community feeling that is such a vital part of our daily life at TCS.


The Junior School meets for its weekly assembly on Tuesday mornings. We come together as a community to promote school values, communicate upcoming events and activities to all students, and celebrate students' achievements in community service, athletics, the arts or academics. Assemblies provide a forum for student performances and special assemblies may also be held to recognize occasions such as Remembrance Day.