Happy Birthday TCS!

Amidst all of the unknown, it’s even more important to take the time to celebrate the little things. Today, TCS turns 155 years old. That isn’t a little thing. That’s pretty monumental. As Mr. Grainger spoke about a few weeks ago, TCS has been through a lot in its history, but I bet never has it seen a convoy of four cars travelling through Port Hope with Trina hanging out the window, waving at passers by. By now, you’ll have seen the video so I am not making any great reveals by sharing how Mr. Churchill, Mr. Grainger and I (and some of our loved ones) spent part of last Saturday together.

We gathered in the Boulden parking lot, social distancing norms in place. Ashleigh McGill from the communications office joined us as videographer and convoy lead. We, that includes Trina, dropped in on six local families to make personal contact and to spread some joy, as well as some TCS swag! As we drove from home to home, horns honking, and then ringing doorbells and waving from a distance, the smiles of happiness on student and family faces were huge; there was even a lot of puppy dog tail wagging at one house. Being online, we’d discussed as a staff the previous day, was much akin to being in a bubble, not really knowing what others were doing or thinking, difficult to read emotion or engagement in a Google Meet; the ease of sharing as you walk with someone, reading subtle body language, or briefly popping in to a classroom felt like something of the past.

For the first time in a while, I truly felt a part of something larger, something called community, the heart of TCS. As much as we’ve worked on rebuilding community as a priority with the TCS Connect program, the tangible connection when with others, really with, not virtually, fills the soul. It was a good reminder that we need to keep making small adjustments to what we are doing and to also think outside the box and go well beyond what we would normally do to keep that strong sense of community alive. Blowing out candles for the 155th birthday, from all over the world is one way. A great way. Earth Day contributions were amazing. Boulden’s Got Talent continues to impress. Let’s keep those moments going until we can be together again.

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