Bittersweet – Endings and Beginnings

While classes and summative tasks continued this week, as well as bike, woodworking and sign language clubs (although by no means an exhaustive list), behind the scenes, we prepared for the Junior School Closing Ceremony. Scripts and closing remarks were penned, edited, formatted and shared. Videographers were sought out and project leads appointed, schedules created and fancy footwear dusted off. For the first time in months, many of us donned suits, ties, or dresses. In isolation, we began the process of recording the 2019-2020 event. As we recollected the many happenings and accomplishments of this year, despite and because of COVID-19, we truly came to the realization that this school year is almost over. Though this is cause in many ways for celebration and a look to new beginnings, it is also an ending – and one we wouldn’t have written as is.

Life is shaped by a series of chapters, our own narratives, as I’ve often referenced. How we process this conclusion is up to each of us. Do we make the most of it? Do we find the good and reflect on the learnings of the last year? Or, do we regret what has passed and what did not materialize? This I leave to you. Each of you makes choices. As a community, TCS is choosing to look at the learnings in a positive light and to be grateful for what we have had and what we will have in the future.

Endings and beginnings are bittersweet; no matter what, each should be celebrated.

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