What other fees should I expect, beyond tuition?

Uniforms: These can be purchased new from our supplier or used in the Bear Boutique guild store on campus. Most families budget $750-$1,000 in their first year for uniform expenses.

Books: For Senior School students, books are purchased from the School (either new or second-hand when available) and can be resold to the store at the end of the school year (depending on the condition of the book and whether or not it is being used next year.) We recommend budgeting around $500 for books for the year initially. Junior School students are charged a fee of approximately $75 for consumable books and texts. All other textbooks and novels are loaned to the students by the School.

Laptop: For Senior School (Grade 9-12) students, a laptop is mandatory. TCS offers a BYOAD (Bring your own Apple device) program for new Senior School families that allows students to bring their own Apple notebook to use in the classroom.  More information is provided to families once a student is enrolled at the School. Junior School students do not need their own laptop as there are class sets for Grades 5-8.

Tuition Refund Plan (TRP): Tuition insurance is mandatory for all families, unless tuition is paid in full. The charge is based on a percentage of tuition paid and changes year to year.
Initiation fee: All new students pay a one-time initiation fee of $2,500 (Grades 5-10 domestic) or $5,000 (all international and Grade 11-12 domestic).

Health Insurance: For families from outside Canada, we would recommend health insurance at the cost of approximately $700.

Other: There will be some extra costs for certain team uniforms, incidentals and travel costs. Please call the admissions office for details (905-885-3209).