Stephanie May

Social Sciences (on leave)

Grew up in: Markham, Ontario

At TCS since: 2018

Co-curriculars: Activity for Life, service learning

What do you value most in your colleagues?
Open communication, honesty and a genuine love for teaching.

Where in the world would you most want to re-visit and why?
Australia. I visited in 2006 and fell in love with the beautiful scenery and beach culture. There are endless opportunities for active adventures – from scuba diving the Great Barrier Reef to surfing with dolphins in Byron Bay, I have so many fond memories of my trip there and I'd love to bring my kids back with me this time. 

What did you want to be when you grew up?
My first love was teaching. Even at 5 years old, I set all of my dolls and stuffed animals up in their “classroom” and pulled out paper and crayons to teach them a lesson.