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I am authorized to dispose of the materials described herein and hereby donate said materials to the John D. Burns Archives. Copyright is transferred to the John D. Burns Archives and personal rights to this material are extinguished. I agree this material may be made available for research or reproduction on an unrestricted basis. I have read and understand the terms and conditions governing donations to the John D. Burns Archives listed on this form. I understand any items donated which are not retained by the John D. Burns Archives, either in the initial appraisal process or at a later date, shall be discarded in ways keeping with the Archives’ policies and procedures. The Archives reserves the right to dispose of materials that do not fit within the collection mandate of the Archives. Donated items will be accepted for the collection provided the following conditions are met: the items are relevant to and consistent with the mandate of the Archives, and the Archives is able to provide the storage, security, and preservation of the items under consideration in a manner that ensures their availability for research and use.