Rebecca De Silva

Manager of Admissions Engagement

Grew up in: Port Hope, Ontario 

At TCS since: 2019

What co-curricular activities are you involved in this academic year? TBD 

What is your favourite day of the year at TCS?

The Christmas Carol Service. It is such a heartwarming sight when everyone is singing hymns and holding lit candles in the chapel. 

What is your favourite memory of your time so far at TCS?

As a student, my favourite memory was the entire school singing the Twelve Days of Christmas. A theme is emerging here. 

Where in the world would you most want to re-visit and why? 

Hawaii. There are so many spectacular places to hike and explore. It is really amazing to be on an island where you can experience 11 of the 13 world climate zones in one place. 

What was the one thing that you learned as a child that you carry with you to this day? 

To always be kind - to others, and to yourself.