Grade 7 & 8

In the Grade 7 & 8 program, we build upon the solid foundation developed in our Grade 5 & 6 classes, with an intentional shift of responsibility from the teacher to the student. During this important phase of early adolescence, students work with faculty members who are both subject specialists and devoted to working with middle school learners. Our teachers exude caring, enthusiasm and a deep understanding of the adolescent learner that inspires students to excel.

Our character development program continues to focus on the TCS habits of heart and mind. A consistent focus on attributes like compassion, integrity and perseverance helps our students to navigate the increasingly complex world of adolescent relationships, both face to face and as digital citizens. In a safe and inclusive environment, students are encouraged to discover their existing strengths and explore and develop new talents, with a firm belief in the value of a growth mindset. They explore and practise mindfulness, as a way of building confidence and resilience. In small classes, teachers work closely with students to develop executive functioning skills which will be crucial for success in high school. These include organizational, time management and study skills, academic goal setting, guided and independent problem solving and the ability to make ethical decisions. There is a focus on authentic, experiential and deeper learning initiatives, that seek to connect the students to the world around them in creative and collaborative ways. Educational technology is used extensively to facilitate this process, with a 1:1 student-laptop ratio. Our Grade 7 & 8 students are exposed to a variety of service learning and leadership options that encourage them to shift the focus from themselves to the world around them. Upon completion of Grade 8, it is our goal that our students have the skills and attitudes to lead “a life of purpose and service” even as they enter high school.