Grade 7 and 8 Leadership

Our middle division students build upon the Grade 5/6 foundation and pursue more diverse leadership projects. Our Grade 7 and 8 students travel to Bark Lake Leadership and Conference Centre, to further develop their collaboration, communication and leadership skills. Throughout the year, students form organizing committees for school-wide charitable action, such as food drives, winter clothing drives and various other fundraising initiatives. They also serve as stewards of the Junior School. Our teams of stewards are empowered with the care of, and responsibility for, specific functions of our school, including technology, sports equipment, art supplies and musical instruments with our Grade 7s taking a particular responsibility for environmental and sustainability leadership. Our middle division students are trained and empowered to handle other key responsibilities within the Junior School, such as serving as Parent-Teacher Meeting secretaries and admissions tour guides.

The Grade 8s also further hone their area of interest by participating in the Habits of Heart and Mind program. Grade 8 students are expected to complete the Junior School Hearts and Minds Project prior to graduating from the Junior School. This inquiry driven project allows them to put into action the habits of the heart and mind, as well as TCS's six learning skills.