Will boarding students be allowed to go downtown and/or visit local businesses?

Both TCS and the local business community benefit from the School’s presence in Port Hope. TCS students enjoy transactions at nearby businesses which, in turn, directly benefit the local service economy. The preservation of community health is also fundamental to this ongoing relationship.

All of the School’s international students (and travelling companions) are required to undertake the government mandated two-week quarantine period before arriving at school. With the re-opening of school, every student and staff member will be required to complete a daily health assessment.

TCS will be taking a graduated approach to student movement beyond our campus. For the first two weeks of school, boarding students remained exclusively on campus. After that time and based on situational assessments and current government mandates, the School permitted small groups of students, under the supervision of a staff member, to take short trips to visit local businesses. Any such outings require students to maintain a physical distance of 2 metres from others, use of hand sanitizer and wearing of a non-medical mask while in places of business in accordance with public health authorities.