Emily Reed

Residential Assistant (Ketchum)

Grew up in: Port Hope, ON

At TCS since: 2020

Co-curriculars: Girls hockey, girls soccer 

What do you value most in your colleagues? 
What I value most in my colleagues is their empathy and care for one another. The faculty and staff at TCS are always looking out for one another and ensure that proper care is taken towards ourselves in order to give the best care to our students. 

What is your favourite day of the year at TCS?
I am an Alumni of TCS, that being said, my favourite day of the year is the last chapel service before Christmas break. 

Who has been the greatest influence on you?
I think my younger brother has been the greatest influence on me. He teaches me to approach things with patience and care. 

What is your favourite way of spending time?
My favourite way of spending time is spending it at home with my family and my dog. I have lived on the East Coast for the past four years and every chance I have to spend with my family is a moment incredibly well spent.