TCS Renaissance Plan

The TCS Renaissance Plan marks a new phase of campus planning which is committed to the restoration and renewal of the School’s campus infrastructure. Enhancing and revitalizing our heritage buildings, which have been inherited from earlier times in our school’s history, will be our primary focus. By caring for these facilities, and the systems that support them, we will help ensure that they remain standing and in good repair now, and for another 150 years.

The first initiatives of the TCS Renaissance Plan will work to address the primary goal of rejuvenating our heritage buildings. While our newer facilities have been built in an environmentally sensitive way with efficiency and sustainability in mind, many of our older buildings are inefficient and costly to heat and cool, physically compromised by sheer age requiring frequent and costly maintenance and renovations, and do not feature environmentally responsible features; they will simply prove to become unsustainable.

A formal Condition Survey of our campus was conducted in 2016-2017; this independently run audit of our campus buildings provided a full assessment of our campus facilities. These projects were identified as short-term priorities through the survey and will begin to be addressed in 2017-2018: new campus fire alarm system; new campus storm and sanitary water system; new washrooms, plumbing systems & heating systems as deemed highest priority in select residential houses; new ventilation system for the Senior School’s Life Sciences wing, which is home to computer science as well as some sciences such as biology and chemistry; various improvements to Boulden House including new change rooms, a new ventilation and dehumidification system.

While these projects have been prioritized to commence in the upcoming year, there are several other projects aimed at renewing and restoring campus facilities and infrastructure which the School aims to begin once funds become available. The School completed approximately $12 million in campus improvements by 2020, with a projected total cost in excess of $38 million by 2032.

As a school, we are committed to a process of continual improvement. In our role as caretakers for future generations of Trinity College School students, we are laying the foundation for the long-term sustainability of our campus. Through the initiatives of the Renaissance Plan, today’s TCS community will honour the great TCS tradition of ensuring the future of this school for future generations.

The TCS Renaissance Plan will be our collective legacy.

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