Focusing on four main areas - study skills, career awareness, educational planning and university placement - the guidance program at TCS helps students become independent learners, make informed choices and set appropriate goals for the future. In-class guidance is offered to students from Grade 10 through Grade 12.

Career planning

The Grade 10 program emphasizes study skills, educational planning and career awareness. Students also consider the ever-changing workplace, where proactivity and flexibility offer the keys to success. Grade 10 students not only research potential careers but also learn the mechanics of applying for a job, from writing persuasive resumes to developing effective interview skills.

Discovering university options

In Grade 11, the focus shifts to university choice, and students learn to make informed decisions about post-secondary education. In the fall, students have an opportunity to take part in the Ontario universities fair. In both the fall and spring, all students visit their choice of several Ontario universities for formal tours and information sessions. Grade 11 students are also strongly encouraged to visit schools of interest during the summer.

Preparing for university life

Students in Grade 12 guidance classes discuss the logistics and problems of university entrance and life. Under supervision of the guidance department, students complete the various forms associated with application to university. In addition, representatives from many Canadian and American universities, as well as some international institutions, visit Trinity College School throughout the year. Students are encouraged to meet with them to learn more about specific degree programs, admissions procedures and university life. Students also have opportunities to attend off-campus university information programs.

Career Showcase

Each spring, TCS holds a Career Showcase, during which successful men and women representing a variety of occupations speak to all Senior School students and answer questions about their respective fields. The guidance department offers personal assistance and literature to support students' educational and career search needs.

University testing

Because Trinity College School is an official centre for the College Board Tests, students may write or rewrite the SAT I or SAT II tests whenever appropriate. Approximately half of our graduates go to Ontario universities, and almost all of the remaining students go on to universities in other parts of Canada, the United States, England and abroad.