Advanced Placement Program

Started in 1955, and offered at Trinity College School since 1993, the College Board’s Advanced Placement program is offered in over 110 different countries. The program enables high school students to attain a high level of enrichment and acquire advanced study skills by engaging in the rigour of first year university level academic content; further, it offers international prestige and it is recognized in some fashion by over 80 Canadian universities. Based on performance on rigorous AP examinations, students may possibly earn credit, advanced placement, or both upon entering university.

All TCS students are encouraged to take at least one Advanced Placement course in Grade 11 or Grade 12. Students should select their AP course(s) according to their academic strengths and interests. This allows our students to experience the rigours and expectations of a university level curriculum and examination.

Through the Advanced Placement program, students at Trinity College School have the opportunity to achieve diplomas and certificates of distinction well beyond the requirements of the Ontario Ministry of Education curriculum. Students with strengths across several disciplines may attempt the Advanced Placement International Diploma (APID). Students with academic strengths in specific subject areas should consider Advanced Placement programs leading to the following awards: National AP Scholar (Canada), AP Scholar with Distinction, AP Scholar with Honour and AP Scholar.

In 2014, TCS was honoured to be selected to offer the prestigious AP Capstone Diploma. In keeping with the School's academic vision, this two-year program provides students with the critical skills required for success in post-secondary education, including critical thinking. collaborative problem solving and research skills.

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