Trinity College School has a long tradition of school spirit and good sportsmanship. Of this we are very proud. In sports, as in all our activities, we focus on being true to your own best self and demonstrating respect for the rights of others. In addition to our health & physical education curriculum, we offer both competitive and recreational co-curricular athletic programs as a mean of promoting leadership, goal-setting, teamwork and a healthy lifestyle. Learn more about our athletic facilities

Competitive Athletics
Students have the opportunity to try out for one of our competitive athletic teams. We offer 23 different interschool sports and field 47 competitive teams*.


* Offerings may vary, depending on factors which include the number of participants in a particular year.


Recreational Athletics
The TCS athletic department offers a recreational "Activity for Life" program which provides all students the opportunity to take part in physical activity in a non-competitive environment. The fall and spring term program consists of a mixture of intramural indoor and outdoor activities, fitness training and pool activities. The winter term includes recreational skiing and snowboarding, pool activities and some outdoor fun and games. Intramurals scheduled for each term depend on the interests of those students involved.