Student Leadership

Trinity College School is committed to developing leaders of character, purpose and vision. Within the student body, an undefined yet not unhealthy hierarchy exists, whereby older students are expected to assume some responsibility for the younger students. Although senior students have specific responsibilities (and their own work to do!), these student leaders act as counsellors, friends and advocates for the students they supervise.

Every senior student has the chance to exercise leadership in a formal sense by applying to be a steward. A TCS steward serves the community by assuming responsibility for a particular area or program, such as the school store, our computer labs, library, music rooms, art rooms or athletic facilities. Each year heads of house, under the direction of the housemaster, look after many of the day-to-day student-directed activities running in the house. Heads of house often fall in the roles of friend, confidante and advocate. Students may also be invited, due to strong personal skills, to participate in the peer support program where they act as in-house supports for their fellow housemates.

Every year, six to 12 senior students are appointed as prefects, including two head prefects. Among their many roles, these students run morale-boosting events and support the younger students. The prefects meet regularly with the headmaster. They are important role models and contribute to setting the tone for the year.

In addition to the formalized leadership roles, there are many informal but critical leadership roles that senior students play at the School. TCS's many sports teams, clubs and societies offer students additional opportunities to assume leadership positions.