TCS uses one of the most integrated information technology programs in Canada. The School's educational technology vision is "to enable students to harness technology in a constructive, responsible way in order to enhance their ability to learn and advance their ability to communicate."

TCS maximizes teaching and learning by enabling all teachers and students to access networked computers. Students use their laptops to write reports and essays, conduct research, analyze data, organize their work, for multimedia and to make presentations and communicate with the world. As TCS community members perform these activities, they remain aware that this access to information and opinion amplifies the need for enlightened critical thinking skills and solid moral values. Never does the introduction of computers into the School's classrooms compromise the all-important contact between teacher and students.

Laptop Programme

All Senior School students are required to have laptop computers, specifically Apple notebooks.

Previously all students were required to lease an Apple device through the School; however, beginning with the 2015-2016 school year new students have been able to bring their own Apple notebook device to TCS. For new families choosing the “bring your own Apple device” (BYOAD) program, specific curriculum-related software will be provided and the IT help desk will be able to repair and service these devices as an Apple Certified Repair Centre. (Both the required software and any repair work will have associated costs.) We will also have Apple notebooks for rent during the school year if needed or preferred.

For returning families using the traditional leasing programme from previous years, the laptop is leased by TCS (three year lease) for the student and imaged with all necessary software. Student accounts are charged for this expense the first week of September. At the end of the three year lease, the student will own the laptop. It is important to note however, that Applecare and insurance will no longer be available after the lease ends.

Additionally, our Junior School students enjoy the benefits of two class sets of Mac Air notebooks as well as access to iPads.

The School has a state-of-the-art, switched local area network, operating on a giga backbone and approximately 1,500 live data jacks throughout the campus, with at least two in each of the student residence rooms. Dedicated Internet lines coming into the School provide all students, faculty and staff with their own email accounts, and the network and Internet can be accessed from anywhere on campus.

TCS uses the most current computer software, which includes Microsoft® Office as our campus-wide productivity suite. All academic courses are accessible via a content management system through which students can access homework, assignments and each course syllabus. The School’s content management system, Angel Learning, improves communication between the student and teacher, particularly outside of class time, and it is widely used by North American post-secondary institutions. Other technologies, including SmartBoards and LCD projectors, are standard in almost all TCS classrooms, and they make the delivery of curriculum engaging for students and faculty alike.


Residence rooms are equipped with telephone jacks which will support any regular (analogue) telephone, either brought from home or borrowed from the School's IT department. Day students have convenient access to telephones located in their lounge areas. All TCS Senior School students (boarders automatically, day students upon request) have their own voice mailboxes. Students also receive an email notification of any voice mails received.