Academic & Student Support

The mission of Trinity College School's office of academic & student support is to foster independence, responsibility and understanding in matters of physical and emotional health, learning and educational planning.

When speaking with past and present students about their TCS experience, two themes are consistently noted: the extent to which students are educated by their experience as a whole, and the unique sense of community at the School. Academic & student support continues these traditions of learning beyond traditional curricular lines and establishing support networks necessary to guide students to achieve their full potential.

Unique resources

Awareness of issues that may be hampering a student's success in and/or outside of the classroom is worthless without the means to address the unique needs of the situation. The office of academic & student support is not only committed to supporting students, but also faculty and families. Our health services include 24-hour nursing staff, on-site professional counselling and on-site psycho-educational testing, which is not only of great convenience to our students but a luxury amongst independent schools. We are committed to providing resources, whether print, people or professional development, to faculty, advisors and housemasters to aid in their critical support of students. The establishment of our office of academic support was amongst the first of its kind with regard to our competitor schools, and is unrivalled in its supportive role to students and all those who work them. We have regularly scheduled guidance classes at every grade level in the Senior School, and routinely offer additional opportunities for students to explore educational and career options. Our library facilitates learning in and out of the classroom through a rich print and digital collection that supports academic curriculum and co-curricular activities, programmes and services to engage and encourage students. The library is a welcoming and supportive space for reading, research and relaxation.

Holistic approach

Our team provides a holistic approach in response to the needs of students, which is especially important when a student may be experiencing difficulty living within the expectations of our community. Specifically, the divorce of discipline and counselling serves to fortify the integrity of the support offered to a student in need. Counselling is less likely to be regarded as punitive but rather an outstretched hand confirming the School's belief in the inherent worth of the student. All academic and student support services are offered with Trinity College School's mission, to develop habits of the heart and mind for a life of purpose and service, foremost in our minds.