• The Writing Centre is not a proofreading/editing service. It is intended to help students identify and improve specific aspects of their writing skills in order to develop empowerment rather than dependence.
  • In order to maintain academic independence, each student is entitled to a maximum of 20 Writing Centre appointments per school year. Additional appointments can be applied for in exceptional circumstances, but these will be granted only at the discretion of the Writing Centre staff.
  • All appointments will be either 30 or 35 minutes long depending on the schedule of the particular school day. Students cannot book double appointments and are asked to be mindful and respectful of the length of their appointments so that their tutors can be fair and devote the same amount of time to other students.
  • All appointments must be booked through writing@tcs.on.ca. Students who cannot make a scheduled appointment are asked to show the same type of responsibility they would in one of their classes and notify the Writing Centre via email as soon as possible.